Sealing concrete floorsSealing concrete floors
KSG Concrete worker sealing concrete in Frisco, Texas

Concrete is relatively simple to maintain, but if you want your concrete floor to seem as good as new for as long as possible, you should consider sealing it.

Concrete sealing helps to ensure that a beautiful, smooth floor is maintained for many years to come. Keeping concrete in peak condition is something we are very familiar with here at KSG Concrete in Frisco, TX!

This guide will provide you with all of the information you require regarding sealing concrete floors:

  • Why It’s Important to Seal Your Floors
  • How Sealing Your Concrete Floors Can Extend the Life of Your Floors
  • Cleanup is a breeze when you have sealed concrete.
  • Sealing the surface will result in a smoother surface.

What is the purpose of sealing concrete?

Why It’s Important to Seal Your Floors
Beautiful floors, whether they are stained or concrete, are a sight to behold. Create earthy colors, and manipulate the stain in a variety of ways to create one-of-a-kind patterns with this technique. If you have a stained concrete floor in your home, we know you have taken the time to select a design that best complements the character of your home’s interior design scheme.

It is necessary to seal your concrete floor in order to extend its lifespan. This will ensure that it remains beautiful and easy to clean, as well as preventing scuffs and stains, and will aid in the repellence of water and dust. Your concrete floors will repay you with a lifetime of beauty if you put in the effort to maintain them.

How Sealing Your Concrete Floors Can Extend the Life of Your Floors
It is possible for a sealant to perform other functions in addition to providing long-term protection for your concrete floors. Sealants can even improve the appearance of your floors. For example, you can choose a urethane sealant that can produce a matte finish or a high gloss finish depending on your preference.

Many organizations choose a high gloss finish for their entryways, if not the entire room, to make a statement. If you are sealing stained concrete in your home, you may want to think about the type of finish you want based on how much foot traffic it will receive.

Additionally, certain acrylic resin sealers are designed to enhance the appearance of your chosen concrete stain, whereas other sealants are virtually undetectable. They simply enter the concrete and seal it, and that is all that they do. You’ll never know it’s been sealed until you open it!

Cleanup is a breeze when you have sealed concrete.
It is much easier to clean a sealed concrete floor than it is to clean a non-sealed concrete floor. The amount of dusting and mopping required each week may vary depending on the thickness of your chosen sealant. We propose either a thick epoxy coating or a penetrating sealer as the two types of sealants you should use.

Thick epoxy coating – your floor will easily repel small amounts of water, debris, dust, and other substances due to the thickness of the coating applied. Even if the floor is exposed to the elements outdoors, you can be confident that it will remain safe.

With a penetrating sealer, your slab will be water resistant all year. When this sealer is applied to concrete, it impregnates the surface and forms a hydrophobic shield. As soon as a liquid comes into touch with this sealant, it begins to bead up immediately. Sealants such as this one are ideal for use in bathroom and mudrooms as well as outdoor spaces.

Sealing the surface will result in a smoother surface.
If your concrete slab is going to be inside your home, you’ll want the smooth surface that a sealed slab provides. You will not scuff furniture, and your children will be less likely to damage themselves while playing around the house as a result of using this method.

A smoother surface will also endure less wear and tear over time, which is especially important in high-traffic zones. In contrast, a rough surface will generate more friction and wear, resulting in increased wear and tear. Foot traffic moves far more easily across a smooth concrete floor than it does on a rough concrete floor.

Sealing Concrete Is a Good Investment
A must-have for any aspect of your home or business, protecting your sealed concrete flooring is essential. Investing the necessary time and resources to maintain your floors will pay dividends in the long run, not to mention ensuring that your floors are in the greatest possible condition.

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